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On this page you can find links to courses in Moodle (clicking on them opens the content of the course with a guest view) and at the bottom of the page you can find the backup files of these courses, which can be uploaded to your school's Moodle if you wish. The material for some modules can be found here on the same website under "Course materials".

Module typeModuleECVET (UE)
Basic studiesLearning and working in a changing environment
•EN_Basics of communication, administration and customer service
•EN_Creation of Value
•EN_Career planning
•EN_learning path and work in a changing environment
•EST_õpitee ja töö muutuvas keskkonna
5 (130)
Culture and art history
•EN_History of culture and art
3 (78)
Basics of performing arts and presentation
•EN_Drawing (analog and digital)
•EST_Joonistamine (analoog ja digitaalne)
•EN_Digital Painting
•EN_Overall composition
•EN_Colour theory
•EN_Geometrical shapes and 3-D basics
•DE_Geometrische Formen und 3D-Grundlagen
•DE_Geometrische Formen und 3D-Grundlagen
•EN_Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing
•DE_Darstellende Geometrie und Technisches Zeichnen
•EN_Basic training design software
•EST_Kujundustarkvara algõpe
•EN_E-Design: pixel graphics
•EN_Vector graphics use in web planning and design
•EST_Fotograafia algõpe
•EN_Type and Typography
•DE_Schrift und Typografie
•EN_Presentation techniques
22 (572)
Creating and implementing the design idea
•EN_Find and implement your design idea
•DE_Erzeugung und Gestaltung der Designidee
6 (156)
Design work process
•EN_Documentation and archiving of work processes
•DE_Dokumentation und Archivierung von Arbeitsabläufen
4 (104)
Practise/Intership39 (1014)
SpecializationCreation of interactive graphics
•EST_Interaktiivse graafika loomine
48 (1248)
Optional studiesDesign project23 (598)
Film and video editing13 (338)
•DE_Coding the web solution
•EN_Current trends in web design
•EN_Animations in the Web
10 (260)
Audiovisual Artproject13 (338)
Three dimensional graphics
•EST_Kolmemõõtmeline graafika
10 (260)
Preparation for printing
•ENG_Pre-Press Procedure
13 (338)
Liberial Arts13
Room design13
Creating a visual identity10
Practise/IntershipIn a company that fits the job description profile12 months

E-design category in Moodle:

Download PDF

Download moodle course backup files

Download EN_Basics of communication, administration and customer service
Download EN_Creation of Value
Download DE_Wertschöpfung
Download EN_Career planning
Download DE_Karriereentwicklung
Download EN_learning path and work in a changing environment
Download EST_õpitee ja töö muutuvas keskkonnas
Download DE_Farbtheorie
Download EN_History of culture and art
Download DE_Kunstgeschichte

Download EST_Joonistamine (analoog ja digitaalne)

Download EN_Overall composition
Download EST_Üldkompositsioon
Download DE_Gesamtkomposition
Download EN_Colour theory
Download EST_Värvusõpetus
Download EN_Geometrical shapes and 3-D basics
Download DE_Geometrische Formen und 3D-Grundlagen
Download EN_Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing
Download DE_Darstellende Geometrie und Technisches Zeichnen
Download EN_Basic training design software
Download EST_Kujundustarkvara algõpe

Download DE_Pixelgrafiken
Download EST_pikselgraafika
Download EN_Vector graphics use in web planning and design
Download EN_Layouting
Download EST_Küljendamine

Download ENG_Type and Typography
Download DE_Schrift und Typografie
Download EN_Presentation techniques
Download DE_Präsentationstechniken

Download DE_Erzeugung und Gestaltung der Designidee
Download EN_Documentation and archiving of work processes
Download DE_Dokumentation und Archivierung von Arbeitsabläufen
Download EST_Interaktiivse graafika loomine
Download DE_Webprojekte
Download ENG_webprojects

Download EN_Current trends in web design
Download EN_Animations in the Web
Download EST_Kolmemõõtmeline graafika
Download ENG_Pre-Press Procedure
Download EST_Trükiettevalmistus 1
Download EST_Trükiettevalmistus 2
Download EST_Trükiettevalmistus 3

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