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Introduction to Interactive Graphics


Please notice, that this document is a working draft and everything is under construction at the moment!

✋ Before we start

Should we talk a bit about the Erasmus Edesign project here? Or at least mention, that these materials are part of the project. Ok, now I mentioned it. Good.


  • Right now here is one Module of the whole Interactive Graphics Curriculum.
  • From the top menu ☝ you'll find 4 learning outcomes or big Chapters of the module:
    1. Introduction to the subject (here we are now)
    2. UI/UX design basics
    3. Basics of FrontEnd developement
    4. Creating web graphics

Besides that, you can find a Introduction to 3D module here.

  • Once inside any of the 4 Chapters, you'll find Topics and Subtopics of each chapter from the 👈 left sidebar.



The web is evolving in such speed that sometimes todays articles may be obsolete tomorrow. So if you plan to use this material at your own, use it as a reference - but always search for newer or better sources.


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Lets start!