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Version control

In software development version control tracks changes to source code. Typically there are multiple versions of the same software developed, ecpecially when working in teams. In some versions developers fix bugs and other versions have new features developed. To handle version control we use special software. There are more than one but today most used in software development is Git. Git is free and also open source. Git is a software installed in your local development environment or as a cloud service somewhere in the server. To communicate and sync with your team you need to use both - local repository and remote repository somewhere in the cloud. You could install your own Git server for your team or use git cloud service. There are multiple services available but we choose GitHub to introduce main features.

Here is a Youtube video to get to know the topic. Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course

There are a few Git commands you should be familiar with. Check out this ineractive tutorial to learn Git. Learn Git Branching

Another excellent resource to learn Git. (BTW, BitBucket is another clode service for Git.) Git Tutorial by BitBucket