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Debugging is the process of going through your code, finding any issues, and fixing them.

Issues in code generally come in three forms:

  • syntax errors that prevent your program from running. Syntax errors are misspelled keywords, function and variable names; non equal amount of opening and closing parentheses, brackets and braces - every open parentheses must be paired with a closed parentheses and so on.
  • runtime errors allow you to start your code but come up during the execution. Examples of those are refering to another part of code with wrong path or memory leaks.
  • logical errors where your code doesn't do what you intended. As an example think about business software where calculations and formulas are wrong.

There are different debugging tools. Some are integrated to your development environment. But as front-end developer you can also use web browser developer tools. Most main browser have these built in.

Here are some good ressources about debugging and Chrome Dev Tools but I recommend to check out those after you have at least started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript topics.

Exhaustive Youtube playlist about Chrome Dev Tools. Chrome Dev Tools

A good interarctive tutorial about debugging and errors in JavaScript. Debugging