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Introduction to 3d graphics

Since the dawn of modern computing, programmers and scientists have tried to capture the third dimension on the glowing slabs we know as computer screens - be it in games, animations or still images. While 3d graphics can entail (depicting or simulating) pretty much every phenomenon we know in the real world (and some we dont), at this introductory course we will be mainly taking a look at two approaches -

  1. The main principles of 3d graphics, and the basics of 3d modelling, materials, shaders, rendering and animation using 3d software.
  2. Creating 3d scenes and objects on the web using code and webgl frameworks.


These materials can work as a compendium and accompanying guide to more hands-on e-courses at best; for example a good start for English-speakers would be the infamous donut course by Andrew Price, or if you prefer Estonian, take a look at 3D graafika elemendid ja töövõtted.