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Color and contrast

One aspect in our designs, that is not only important for aesthetic aspect, but also crucial for usability and accsessibility, is color. Or, to be more precise: combination on colors used together.

Since you already know from your previous courses about color theory, harmonies, gestalt theory etc, let's focus here to color on screen.

Practical guidelines

You can find a lot of good practical tips about how to use color here:

📺 Video from DesignerUp: "Super Practical Guide to Color Theory, Color Models and Perfect Color Palettes"

📺 Another useful and super practical video by Joseph from LearnSketch․com

Other useful content

Rune Madsens book

Rune Madsen has written about color in his magnificent book Programming Design Systems. This should give us a solid foundation to understand the theory of color spaces and models.

Color and accessibility

  • dev tools
  • a11y checkers (stark etc)
  • color blindness

Tools and resources